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A bit about us!

For over twenty-five years, City Lights has been giving customers more for their money than any gentlemen’s club in the tri-state area. Our drink, dance, and party specials are uncontested.

$6 happy hour every day from 4:00-8:00.

On Monday and Tuesday, fifteen minute dances in the V.I.P. are just $30.

Thursday, half bottle specials for $65.

$45 for a three hour premium open bar, plus free admission for at least eight guests.

Drink Patron, Grey Goose, Hennessy, and Johnny Walker Black Label to your heart’s content for $45 per guest. Birthday, bachelor, divorce, graduation, promotion, and retirement parties, barbecues, fantasy drafts, and whiskey tastings: All are better with strippers, and we’ll do them better for less.

We’ll have your party catered by your favorite Westchester restaurant. We’ll flyer and promote your event four weeks in advance to ensure that the club is jumping below your V.I.P. box. We’ll invite your favorite dancers. And we’ll do it all without breaking the bank.

Once a month, we throw our own customer appreciation party with dancer costumes, drink specials, and a free, top-quality dinner buffet. If you like $3 Patron margaritas, free food, and girls in costume, then come join the regulars at City Lights. We’re open 4:00-4:00 every day, making us the only place in the neighborhood to drink after 2:00am, 365 days a year.

We’re constantly hiring new dancers for our lineup. Come and meet the new faces. Skip the overpriced drinks and covers, the NYC tolls and Manhattan parking. Get more for your money at City Lights.

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